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    • Geddy Lee
    • Alex Lifeson
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  2. fuckaspunk:


    Police work for “population security”
    La policía trabaja para la “seguridad de la población”

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  3. Commemorative plate at University of Leeds in reference to The Who’s concert held on February 14th, 1970

    Placa conmemorativa en referencia al
    concierto de The Who, celebrado el 14 de febrero de 1970


  4. Ready to rock!


  5. The Beatles
    Let it Be… Naked
    2003 Apple Records

    Following Negative Albums, this Beatles’ cover came to my mind. What if we invert the negative artwork?

    Siguiendo a Álbumes en Negativo, vino a mi mente esta portada de los Beatles. ¿Qué tal si invertimos la cubierta del disco que se encuentra en negativo?


  6. Today in 1979 SUPERTRAMP had in mind a spectacular release…


  7. yelyahwilliams:





    Post to your Facebook & Twitter:

    Protest on July 4th:

    Find out about other actions:

    Not normally this blog’s topic, but this needs to be spread like crazy. Internet privacy is a big fucking deal, and 83 notes on this as I reblog this is pathetic

    I think the government is going to really enjoy all my “likes” , yay!

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  9. rogerhodgson:

    Mexico! As previously announced, Roger will be performing with his band in Monterrey on November 10 at Arena Monterrey! Join Roger on his first tour of Mexico! Spread the news to your friends and family today that Roger Hodgson is coming to Mexico in November!

    Fan pre-sale for Monterrey begins tomorrow, June 28, at 10:00AM and will conclude June 30 at 10:00AM. Pre-sale password is “Dreamer” and tickets may be purchased through

    General sale begins June 30 at 10:00AM through the same link.

    Be sure to also see Roger and his band in Mexico City on November 6 at Auditorio Nacional and in Guadalajara on November 8 at Auditorio TELMEX. Ticket links and details for these shows and all others on Roger’s Breakfast in America Tour may be found at

  10. About Discipline Global Mobile

    Discipline Global Mobile's mission statement consists of five “DGM business aims”, which include the following three:

    • firstly, “to help bring music into the world which would otherwise be unlikely” to be released unless “under conditions prejudicial to the music and/or musicians”;
    • secondly, “to operate in the market place, while being free of the values of the market place”; and
    • lastly, “to be a model of ethical business in an industry founded on exploitation, oiled by deceit, riven with theft and fueled by greed.””

    Robert Fripp